Baxter was founded in the centre of Brianza, and its DNA contains two inseparable elements: the Italian manufacturing tradition and quality raw materials. Their collections are inspired by middle class situations in many countries, England in particular, where leather is the key feature of unique, timeless furniture.
Baxter draws inspiration from different moods to create the perfect combination of materials, colours, textures and patterns to form interesting and original combinations. Often, the result is unexpected, as if chance has become a form of art. At the base of it all is research into the perfect combination that can create a harmonious and refined look.

Each product emerges from a creative process that includes different colours and materials from different places to form original combinations. Constant research and a wide variety of finishes can satisfy most tastes and allow for a wide range of customization possibilities.

Baxter has built its identity on one key material: leather, sourced in northern Europe and processed in Italy with the use of ancient techniques. Skilled hands and machines are both necessary to transform hides into fine full grain leather, and then to create very high quality transversal product. This noble material has a myriad of different looks and textures: no two products are alike. It can produce a fabric, a soft velvet or a structural covering for a product, always made with care and the exclusiveness of tailored suit.

Baxter is the ideal choice for people seeking furniture outside of fashionable trends, but that always guarantees expert craftsmanship and a transparent production process, certified under the ISO 14001 standard.

Baxter’s signature product, the symbol of its quality, is the Budapest sofa designed by Paola Navone with its essential lines and unexpected comfort. The leather covers each curve of the frame and provides unparalleled softness.